Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016-2017 Blackdog Game Schedule

1/20 - @ Elise Allen
1/28 - BYE
2/3 - @ Lancers
2/10 - @ Kennedy
2/17 - Home vs. Harlequins
2/24 - @ Sierra
3/4 - BYE (Vegas 7’s)
3/10 - Home vs. Sac PAL
3/17 - @ Cougars
3/24 - Home vs. Elk Grove
4/1 - BYE
4/8 - BYE/Rain Make-ups
4/15 - BYE (Easter)

* I’m assuming playoffs will be the same as the girls, so the last weekends in April, but we will let you know as that becomes available.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Get to know the Coaches

With the season just under way we wanted to give a little spotlight to all of our coaches so you can know a little bit about them!  

We also get a lot of help throughout the season from many of men's players, which is really awesome because it gives the kids plenty of people to learn from, watch and ask questions to.  We are one big club and family and everyone helps out in some way during the season!

Girl's Head Coach: Samantha Miller
Coaching Experience: 2011-present Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach 
                         2014 Head Coach Davis High School Girl's Rugby
                         2015-present Head Coach Vacaville Blackdog Girl's
                         2015 Master's degree in Coaching and Athletic Admin.

Playing Experience: 2009-11 Colorado Mesa University, ranked top 10
                              2010-11 West U23 Regional All-Star Team
                              2011 Division 2 All-American
                              2014-present Berkeley All Blues
Fun Fact: Originally from Colorado... but hates the snow, although does enjoy urban sledding (sleds pulled by a car).

Girl's Assistant Coach: Jordan Vermette
Coaching Experience: 2014-present Assistant Coach Vacaville Blackdog Girl's

Playing Experience: 2012-15 high school rugby at Davis High School

                             Will be playing at UCD next fall
Fun Fact: She has swam from Alcatraz 3 times! And she loves making cupcakes, especially during finals week.

Girl's Assistant Coach: Zach Post

Coaching Experience: 2014-present Assistant Coach Vacaville Blackdog Girl's

Playing Experience: 2003-07 Vacaville Blackdog Rugby (started in 8th grade)

10 years and counting for Vacaville Rugby Men's Club
Fun Fact: Used to get his hair in cornrows before games, and people would tend to pick on him a lot in games. He cut his hair, and he doesn't get picked on so much anymore.

Boy's Head Coach: Brett Fortney
Coaching Experience: 2012-14 Assistant Coach Vacaville Blackdog Rugby
2015-present Head Coach Vacaville Blackdog Rugby

Playing Experience: 2007 Vacaville Blackdog Rugby 
                             2007-11 at Chico State, nationally ranked top 25
                   6 years and counting for Vacaville Rugby Men's Club
Fun Fact: At the time, only known Chico State player to actually get the Chico rugby logo (CSR) tattooed on him during the Rookie Scavenger Hunt.

Boy's Assistant Coach: Matt Hensley
Coaching Experience: 2012-present Assistant Coach Vacaville Blackdog Rugby

Playing Experience: 2002-06 Vacaville Blackdog Rugby
                          2006-10 St. Mary's College, nationally ranked top 10
                          2010 Brother's Rugby Club, Australia
                11 years and counting for Vacaville Rugby Men's Club
Fun Fact: He wears the same t-shirt before every game while warming up.  And he LOVES Baldo's burritos.

Boy's Assistant Coach: Zane Miller
Coaching Experience: 2016 Assistant Coach Vacaville Blackdog Rugby

Playing Experience: 1 year at Univ. of Alabama

                             1 year at Diablo
                             2 years at Univ. of San Francisco 
                             First year with Vacaville Men's Club 
Fun Fact: Once jumped onto a moving Taco Truck in Humboldt.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

High School Update:

Although the weather has been hard to cooperate with, we have had 2 weeks of practices now!  Everyone on both teams are doing great, learning lots, but we still have a lot left to learn before our games start!

Boys have a had a top turnout of 35 guys at practice, while the girls have had a top turnout of 25!  Great start and lets keep building on it!  We want that many people at practice every time!

PLEASE get all paperwork turned in ASAP! Everyone needs to fill out a Dues Assistance Sheet, even if you paid the full $200 already!  Concussion waivers are required to be able to play.  Get it turned in. 

Payment plans of $50 or $40 a month are due! Since we did not have practice on Thursday it needs to be turned in this Tuesday!  Please be timely with your payments, we need to be able to get everyone registered.  Talk to your coach with any questions.

Please get your mouth guard and cleats ASAP! Soccer cleats are the most preferred! No toe cleats (like on football cleats).  Black shorts and socks can be purchased online at, here is the link to the Vacaville store, or you can go to The Coliseum, 1595 Holiday Lane, Fairfield.  They are needed prior to the first game.

See everyone on Tuesday!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

2017 Lady Blackdog Game Schedule

Games are on Saturdays! Exact times and field addresses will be know about a week or two prior to the game.  Our away games are all around the Sacramento area. Please contact me with any questions!

Jan. 14th - Girls Kick Off Tournament Sacramento

Jan. 21st - Sac Valley Kick Off Tournament (undecided if we will be doing this one)

Jan. 28th - BYE

Feb. 4th - vs. Sierra (most likely @ Sierra)

Feb. 11th - @ Amazons

Feb. 18th - Home vs. Chico

Feb. 25th - Home vs. Gridley

March 4th - BYE (Vegas 7’s)

March 11-12th Tournament in Pleasanton

March 18th - @ Mother Lode

March 25th - Home vs. River City

April 1st - BYE/Rain Make-Ups

April 8th - BYE/Rain Make-Ups

April 15th - BYE/Easter

April 22nd - Quarterfinals
April 29th - Semifinals

May 6th - Finals

Thursday, December 8, 2016

5:00-7:00 at 6319 Pleasants Valley Rd.

DRESS APPROPRIATELY! Rain coat, pants, tights, hat, (really just bring layers)


We will have to play in this weather during season so we need to practice in it sometimes as well!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


If you are dropping off for high school practice please drop off at the location circled on the map.  After coming in the first gate you drive up to the first fork.  There, you can pull off to the side, drop off, and turn around.  It is too crowded up at the field with everyone trying to come and go.  Please and thank you!  We are working to find the most efficient way to do this! 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Club Contact info:
Club President: Matt Hefner
Boy’s Head Coach: Brett Fortney
Girl’s Head Coach: Samantha Miller

Practice: Tuesdays and Thursdays
               5:00-7:00 High School Boys and Girls
     7:00-9:00 Men’s Club
Starting Tuesday Dec. 6th!

Location: Yin Ranch 6319 Pleasants Valley Rd. Vacaville
Please arrive at the gate at 4:45!
Meet at Journey Coffee 869 Alamo Dr. to carpool to the ranch, or be dropped off at the gate!

Paperwork: Player info packet, concussion waiver, dues sheet can all be printed off the website.
Must have parent signature if under the age of 18!
Please get all paperwork filled out and turned in ASAP!
Cannot participate until concussion waiver is turned in!

Dues: $200 for the season - see dues sheet for payment options and info
$95 goes directly to USA Rugby/Rugby NorCal for registration
$105 goes to the team to help with field, lights, equipment, etc.
Cash and check accepted - checks payable to Vacaville Blackdog Rugby Club

Equipment: In order of importance: A mouthguard
   Soccer cleats
   Black rugby shorts
   Black soccer socks
  • Shorts and socks can be purchased at the Coliseum - 1595 Holiday Ln. Fairfield OR can be purchased online at

Please send us an email if you have any other questions or if you would like to help out this year with player administration or socials!  We love all the help we can get!