Tuesday, November 22, 2016

First H.S.Practice Dec. 1st @ 6:00!
Journey Coffee 896 Alamo Dr. Vacaville

The time has finally come for season to start! After many frustrating days and weeks of trying to find a field, we finally got one!

The first practice we will be meeting at Journey to discuss the practice location and guidelines surrounding our use there.

We will also be getting much of the administrative work out of the was as well, so please bring with you:
1. Player paperwork 
2. Concussion waiver
3. Dues ($200 total) or whatever you can bring at this time
4. Student ID

We will have extra copies on hand if you have not printed yours yet (available on the website).

A parent signature is required on all paperwork if you are under the age of 18.  

You CANNOT participate until the concussion waiver has been turned in.

Please do your best (players and parents) to be there.  It will make the start of the season run that much more smoothly if we can all meet and start off on the same page and get any questions answered.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

** Player Assistance Fund **


Vacaville Rugby Club is starting a Player Assistance Fund to help athletes who cannot pay their full dues.  Each year, athletes are asked to pay $200 in dues.  $95 goes directly to USA Rugby and Rugby NorCal to register the athlete.  The remaining $105 goes to the team to help with the cost of fields, lights, and equipment.  Every year there are athletes who don't pay their full dues because of financial hardships.  With your help, we as a club can support those athletes who need assistance.  We don't want an athlete to miss out on the opportunity to play rugby because they can't pay their dues.  We want everyone to be given the chance to learn this incredible game and culture that we all love!  

Any donation you can make, big or small, makes a huge difference and is greatly appreciated by everyone in Vacaville Rugby Club.  Thank you!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

2016 USA Rugby College Seminar
Nov. 12th in Oakland @ Merritt College
Nov. 13th in Sacramento @ McClatchy H.S.

The Rugger’s Edge is a college advisory firm that focuses on the unique needs of rugby players. The Rugger’s Edge works with the best colleges in the country to prepare material to help families find the perfect fit for their child. With an intimate knowledge of the landscape of US collegiate rugby and how athletic recruiting applies to college admissions, The Rugger’s Edge offers aspiring collegiate student-athletes sound advice to help reach the child’s goals and fulfill the family’s needs.”

Sunday, November 13 at CK McClatchy HS, The Rugger’s Edge is hosting a College Seminar for any players wishing to learn more about the below topics and SO MUCH more!
                How do I apply to college?
                What college offers a program that I’m interested in?
                What do I need to do in HS to help me get into college?
                Who do I contact if I want to play rugby?
                How do I write an application essay?

The Rugger’s Edge is partnering with ArborBridge (a high quality ACT test prep company) to offer a FREE Mock ACT exam for all interested students attending the college seminar. By taking this Mock ACT, each student will better understand the experience of taking an ACT, what types of questions will be asked, how long each section takes, etc. Once the students complete the Mock ACT, ArborBridge will grade the exams and give each student feedback on their performance, what their skills are, what sections need to be improved upon.

Lastly, there will be a college fair where colleges from across the country will be present for you to talk to them about their academic offerings and rugby programs.