Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Recap Part 2: Summer

This summer the Rookie Rugby program was added to Vacaville Rugby Club.  Kids ages 5-13 had the opportunity to learn about rugby through a 6 week summer season.  The kindergarten and 1st grade group learned how run and pass, played keep away, and LOVED playing sharks and minnows.  The 2nd-4th grade group learned the basics of offense and defense and worked their way up to playing flag rugby.  The 5th-8th grade group was an athletic, competitive bunch who learned running at pace and coming up on defense is a must!.  With lots of good feedback and people already asking when the next season is going to be, it looks like Rookie Rugby is here to stay!  Hopefully leading into a middle school team in the next couple of years!

The high school kids took part in the Summer 7’s Series put on by NCYRA.  Summer 7’s is always a great time to focus on skill development and of course great conditioning.  Each tournament both the boys and girls teams improved and it was a great opportunity for them to cheer each other on and hang out together in between games.  We had to say goodbye to our seniors at the end of summer 7’s, we wished them luck as the ladies headed off to Chico State, USC, Grand Canyon University, Arizona State and The United States Marine Corps.

Now It’s the Offseason
After all the time and work put in over the spring and summer an offseason was much needed.  We hope everyone is enjoying their new school year, different sports, work, friends and a little free time!  
Looking ahead, we still have plenty of time before the season starts back up again, but this is when you should recruit, recruit, RECRUIT!!  Now is the time to start talking to your friends and classmates about rugby, get them interested and excited to try something new!  Also, be working on your own fitness, strength training, and skills, we all know how valuable fitness is!  

Be on the lookout on the blog, instagram, facebook and your email for information about a preseason meeting, fundraisers, and strength and conditioning opportunities.

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