Monday, October 31, 2016

What is Rugby??

Rugby is a team sport where 15 players on either side work to advance the ball (with no forward passing) and score a Try in the opposing team's Try Zone.

Where did it come from?  Rugby is believed to have began in 1823 when William Webb Ellis was playing soccer and he picked up the ball and ran with it.  Someone was probably unhappy about that decision and "tackled" him.  While there is no concrete evidence to support this story, it is so widely accepted that the World Cup trohpy is offically named the "William Webb Ellis Trophy".

Rugby is played in over 100 countries around the world, and across six continents.  There are even 7 countries where rugby is their national sport.  There has even been rugby games played in Antartica by American and New Zealander researchers!
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Some rugby terms, rules and positions:

The ball can only be passed lateral or backwards, never forwards.  It can however, be kicked forward at any time.

Try: When the ball is placed on the ground in the Try Zone.  If it not placed on the ground under control it does not count. It is a literal touchdown, unlike American Football where it merely has to cross the line.  A Try is worth 5 points.  The kick after is worth 2 points, 7 points in total.
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Scrum: After certain infractions the game is re-started with a scrum.  The team who is awarded the scrum will feed the ball into the scrum giving their team and advantage to maintain possesion.  It consists of the forward pack of 8 players against the other team's forward pack.  With the Scrum Half (#9) rolling the ball in.

Lineout: When the ball is carried or kick out of bounds the game is re-started with a Lineout.  It is like a jump ball, a cheerleading lift and soccer throw-in all mixed into one.

Ruck: Rugby is a continuous game, much like soccer.  When a player gets tackeled the play does not stop there, like it does in American Football.  There is a contest for posession of the ball, called a ruck.  There are many rules surronding the ruck to keep the game moving along, as well as keep it safe.

Tackle: When a player is taken down to the ground by an opponent.  Both the ball carrier and the tackler must the release the ball, and the tackler the ball carrier. A ruck is formed.  Both players must attempt to get out the way so that the ball can be played.

Positions: There are 15 positions on the field.  The forwards make up the first 8 positions.  With the backs making up the remaining 7 positions.  While the positions do have some specific roles, the game of rugby is open and flowing.  Each player must pass, catch, run, tackle and ruck.  The number of the jersey corresponds with the position.
1. Loose Head Prop
2. Hooker
3. Tight Head Prop
4. Locke
5. Locke
6. Flanker
7. Flanker
8. 8 Man
9. Scrum Half
10. Fly Half
11. Wing
12. Inside Centre
13. Outside Centre
14. Wing
15. Fullback

Go search "Rugby" on YouTube and start watching!! Men's and women's rugby is played exactly the same, so it does not matter who you watch!  

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