Friday, October 30, 2015

This is where it all begins...

This is where it all begins...

We look forward to bringing you a new season of rugby.  We are coming off a fun and somewhat successful summer of 7's.  We have a lot to work on and we need to get going as soon as possible.  With the season just around the corner there is a lot to get ready for as well as some updates for our club.

Dues:  We will have an updated dues list for the season.  Unfortunately we will have to raise the dues this year.  There are two main reasons this is happening.  One, because Rugby Nor Cal is increasing the registration per player to $95.00.  Two, we are looking at changing up practice time to accommodate more players and coaches. Coaches especially.  I'm guessing the dues this year will be anywhere between $200.00 and $250.00 per player.

We have been reaching out to local businesses in the community in order to start generating funds.  My budget for fields alone this year for high school boys and girls is around $12,000.00  This is obviously a large number but no where near a number that cannot be reached.

I have generic sponsor letters available via email that you can submit to anyone interested in giving to a great cause.

Practices: Practices will begin December 1st.

Location: TBD (VCS or Vaca High)

Time: 5:00pm - 7:00pm

Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

Film/Chalk talk: TBD (most likely wednesday at 3:30pm at vaca high)

I have set out my main focus for the season and they boil down to these (4) things in order:

1. Be accountable student athletes.- This will be our main focus this year.  We expect high standards of conduct from our players - in the classroom, on the athletic field and in our community. Vacaville Rugby players are expected to adhere to the academic standards for athletic eligibility as required by the school. There will be a no tolerance policy for anything that slows down practice or distracts others. Players will be responsible students, volunteer in the community and strive to improve relentlessly to best help better yourself and the team.

2.  Fitness
- We all know where we stand with our fitness level.  We are far behind the pack.  And NO football shape is not the same as rugby shape.  We have to play 75 minutes of fast paced rugby in order to keep up with our league.  We will be conducting fitness tests not to pass or fail but to see where each player stands.  This will no longer be an option.  Rugby players are among the elite athletes in the world and Vacaville Rugby needs to be in that category to survive.

3.  Defense
- Our Focus this year for strategy will be DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE.  Defense wins championships in every sport.  Our offense will produce itself if we can play sound fit defense.  We saw what happened when we shifted our focus towards the end of the season last year.  When we are fit and we can play sound defense there will be no one that can beat us.  There will be new strategies that we introduce and we need everyone focused to make it all happen.

4. Offense
- Like I said our offense will not be  an issue.  It will be simple and we will not go outside of our capabilities.  We will not go on to something new until we are perfect on the basics.  Our main focus will be on how to transition from defense to attack in a quick time to produce the ball to our scorers.

This is where we begin our future as a club.  You need to evaluate yourself as a player and as a person and strive to be better at both.  Our discipline this year will not be an issue because our number one focus is to be better human beings.

Lets have a fun successful season by putting hard work and dedication to the greatest game in all the land.

Brett Fortney
Head Coach
Vacaville Blackdog Rugby Club

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